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InicioPaneles solares¿Son los paneles solares en órbita una brillante idea?

¿Son los paneles solares en órbita una brillante idea?

## Imagine harnessing the power of the sun from space.

That’s the essence of Space Solar Power (SSP). It’s an advanced concept where **solar energy** is collected in the vastness of space and then beamed down to Earth. This method bypasses earthly limitations like nightfall and weather conditions, ensuring a constant, unobstructed flow of solar energy. While it might sound like a futuristic idea, the fundamental principles behind SSP are as timeless as the sun itself.

## ¿Qué es la energía solar espacial?

To define **space solar power**: it is a source of clean energy where energy gathered from sunlight in space is transmitted wirelessly to the Earth. The Sun, with an estimated lifetime of 4-5 billion years, presents a truly long-term energy solution. Furthermore, Space Solar Power does not emit greenhouse gases and is not reliant on increasingly scarce freshwater resources, valuable farmland, or natural-gas-derived fertilizer. It also doesn’t produce hazardous waste and, in contrast to traditional solar power solutions, remains unaffected by cloud cover, daylight variations, or wind speed.

## Reflexiones sobre las oportunidades de Space Solar Power

The opportunities that Space Solar Power presents us with have inspired many organizations to build solutions around it. Some prominent players in the space-based solar power market include **Airbus, Azur Space Solar Power GmbH, Fralock LLC, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, Northrop Grumman**, Borrego Energy, LLC., Solaren Corporation, Space Tech GmbH, Space Canada, DHV Technology, and more.

## La ciencia detrás de los sistemas de energía solar espacial

Studies indicate that every hour, the Earth receives more **solar energy** than humanity consumes in an entire year. Interestingly, the Earth’s atmosphere reflects about 30% of this solar energy back into space.

## Innovaciones técnicas y la viabilidad de la energía solar espacial

Transmission of space solar power has become viable because of the technical innovations achieved of late. There are two types of transmission systems. The first is the microwave-transmitting solar satellites, while the other is the laser-transmitting solar satellites. In **microwave-transmitting satellites**, the sunlight reflects off the large mirrors into the center of the satellite, where it is transformed into uninterrupted microwave energy beamed to Earth.

## La evolución del concepto de energía solar espacial: desde el inicio hasta el estado actual

Throughout these years, various national governments, university research departments, and state-funded organizations have explored the infrastructure and possibilities of space solar power. Significant contributions have also come from businesses and companies like **Northrop Grumman, Airbus**, and Solaren Corporation in developing this transformative energy source.

## Empresas con iniciativas transformadoras de Space Solar Power

### 1. Northrop Grumman
The Baltimore, Maryland-based firm Northrop Grumman’s Space Solar Power Incremental Demonstrations and Research (SSPIDR) Project team is working to make the transmission of solar energy from space to anywhere on Earth a reality.

### 2. Airbus
Another company that outperformed in this field was Airbus. Its power-beaming solutions aim at helping Europe access more renewable energies independently, with new energy networks in the sky offering independent and sustainable power supply around the clock. The first operating Power Beaming prototypes of Airbus could be in use by the early 2030s.

### 3. Solaren Corporation
An emerging innovator in this field, **Solaren Corporation**, has developed ways of transmitting cost-competitive, zero-emission electricity from space.

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